About Us


On December 2014, the memorandum of understanding was signed between our club and Gori Municipality. Important objectives of this agreement are: 1) Development and promotion of rugby culture in city of Gori; 2) To participate in Georgian National Rugby Premiership as a regional team of Gori and host games in Gori, with the support of Gori Municipality City Hall. Since then, our Club is participating in “BIG 10” Premiership as a regional team – Gori’s JIQI. The home matches and training process during 2016/2017 season and next seasons will take place at brand new Gori Rugby Stadium.


Our primary objective is to make Rugby the most popular sport in the city of Gori and its surrounding region. To create club system, this will unite around this sport not only local population, but local businesses and will cause the engagement on the regional level.

During this year we found one more local club, our sister club called “Gori’s Gorda”, which will take part in the regional II league championship starting from this season already. The team is filled with local youngsters not only from the city, but from the villages nearby, especially from the places located very close to the so called “Occupation Line”.

On the next stage we plan to hold info campaigns, in order to attract more children and youngsters from the “IDP villages” and places close to the “Occupation Line”. We have a huge hope and we believe that their and their family member’s active or passive involvement in the above mentioned process will generate motivation. We will seed and promote the healthy way of life and most importantly, high class international level rugby players will be growing and developing in the region in a very near future.